I was born in 1985 in the south west of France and, as far as I remember, have always been attracted by every science or art that could help me understand the mecanics of interactions and emotions between people.

After I got a PhD in sociology, I dedicated all my time and energy to find a way to catch and express the emotional core of a situation.

I am currently working on a series called Les Immortels which aims to capture the cultural heritage that humanity passes down from one generation to the next.

My work is a combination of direct langage through a spontaneous technic in black and white and a surreal expression which aims at catching a situation or emotion in its purest form.

Far from any artifice, my painting is intense and frank in order to be as close as possible, without filters, to the elements it represents.

The characters have no distinctive specificities such as age (except the distinction adult/child), gender or skin colour, carrying the dual purpose of strandardising the humanist scope of the starting postulate and to let the physical posture and interactions with the charge of expression.

Pauline Gonzalo, peintre - A documentary

If you want to know more about my work process and my influences, watch this documentary (subtitled in english)

Recent Projects

From indian ink on paper to canvas

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